Limited Edition Doughnuts

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  1. Trifle Trifle


    A strawberry and custard filled doughnut, topped with chocolate curls and green sprinkles.

    309 kcal



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  2. We Were On A Coffee Break We Were On A Coffee Break

    We Were On A Coffee Break

    Topped with caffè latte flavour icing, chocolate swirl, frosting and a white choc topper.

    337 kcal



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  3. How You Doin'? How You Doin'?

    How You Doin'?

    Our classic ring doughnut dipped in purple icing with mango & passionfruit flavour frosting.

    305 kcal



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    Original Glazed doughnut finished with chocolatey icing, sprinkles, and white chocolate.

    260 kcal



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  5. Biscoff Biscoff


    The unique caramelised taste of Biscoff®, pure indulgence.

    392 kcal


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