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Our Doughnut Menu

With so many doughnuts in our range, which is your favourite? 

  1. Original Glazed® Original Glazed®

    Original Glazed®

    Bring some light and fluffy joy into your day with our signature glazed doughnut, a recipe we've been perfecting since 1937!

    Do you lick the glaze first or finish it in one bite? Either way, this circle of nom will leave your taste buds craving more. Thank goodness for the Original Glazed Dozen!

    It's the one!

  2. Wolfie Wolfie


    Our signature ring doughnut, smothered in chocolate frosting - Happy Howl-oweeeeeen!

    Let's get Gooey!

  3. Vampie Vampie


    Fang-tastic Dracula vampire oozing with raspberry filling - Love at first bite!


  4. Frankie Frankie


    Frightful Frankenstein monster bursting with brownie batter filling - Terror-iffic


  5. Zombie Pop Zombie Pop

    Zombie Pop

    Our signature ring doughnut attacked with icing and popping candy crunch - Come alive!

    It's Alive!

  6. Doughnut Bites

    Doughnut Bites

    Bites of our signature melt-in-your-mouth Original Glazed® doughnut. The same secret recipe since 1937.

    Original recipe!

  7. Lotus Biscoff Lotus Biscoff

    Lotus Biscoff

    Calling all Lotus Biscoff lovers. This is the doughnut you’ve always dreamed of. Filled with Lotus Biscoff infused Kreme, smothered with Lotus Biscoff spread and topped with (yep, you’ve guessed it) Lotus Biscoff crumb. Too much?! Never.

    Take the biscuit!