Discover the magic of HOT Original Glazed


When the Hot Now sign is lit, you know it's time to head to Krispy Kreme!


We have temporarily suspended in-store Hotlight hour but hope to reintroduce this again soon. Please keep an eye on our website and social channels for more details.


Discover the magic of HOT Original Glazed during our drive thru Hotlight Hour. The magic takes place every single day at our doughnut drive thru Hotlight stores between 7pm and 8pm!


 When it's on, it's on - so get it while its hot! 



Braehead (Glasgow) 

Bristol Avon Meads 



Leeds Birstall 

London Stratford

 Manchester Trafford


Shannons Corner


We are delighted to welcome our customers back for Hotlight and we've ensured that we have designed, developed and trained our staff in a full set of safety measures to enable the Hotlight experience to take place, with the safety of staff and customers as our highest priority. 


These measures include a fully contactless operational procedure to be able to receive any hot doughnut samples, social distancing, face masks, hand sanitiser and capacity limits in all our stores.

Hotlight is available in these Hotlight stores daily between 7pm - 8pm: Bluewater, Braehead, Bristol Avonmeads, Edinburgh Hermiston Gait, Leeds Birstall, Manchester Trafford, Peterborough, and Shannon Corner. Hot Original Glazed doughnuts only available for customer purchase between 7pm – 8pm every day during "Hotlight".

Hot Original Glazed samples may be offered with purchase during Hotlight hour but this is entirely down to the discretion of the store manager. Hot doughnuts are subject to VAT and are therefore charged at a higher price to non-hot Original Glazed doughnuts.

Hotlight hour may not be available on peak days for example Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's day or during the exceptional occurrence of machine breakdowns.

Krispy Kreme will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to any changes to Hotlight hour via it's website and social media channels. Hotlight hour will be reintroduced to Krispy Kreme on 1st September having been shut during the peak of the Covid 19 crisis.

A new series of safety measures have been introduced in our stores to enable Hotlight hour to run safely for our team and customers. Anyone not observing these safety measures may be asked to leave the store at the discretion of the store manager.