& making a difference

From our humble start, selling freshly made doughnuts through a hole in the wall, our purpose today remains the same - which is simply to bring joy. We aim to spread smiles and create little moments of joy between colleagues, friends and families.


In 2019 we moved to 100% free range eggs in our doughnut mix in the UK and Ireland. 

You can be sure that today and in the future we'll be working with our suppliers on a journey of continuous improvement to ensure our sourcing meets best practice in all areas.


In 2019, we removed 11 tonnes of plastic from the business including 1.6 million plastic straws and plastic in our single bags. 

Today 93% of our non-food waste is diverted from landfill and 20% is recycled and 25% of our company food waste is sent for Anaerobic Digestion and converted into bio-fuel.


Last year we saved 21 tonnes of CO2 through diverting non food waste away from landfill and recycling 20% of our waste.

In 2020 we'll be introducing a new fleet route planning system to save approximately 49 tonnes of CO2 per year and a new paperless system for our daily fleet checks.


Since 2016, we have been delighted to support Teenager Cancer Trust Support, raising over £150,000 for this incredible charity. 

In 2018 and 2019, we joined forces with BBC Children in Need to raise £50,000, achieved through Krispy Kremers fundraising across the country, creating Pudsey doughnuts.


We are focused on growing amazing talent within the business and developing leadership and management capability. We are committed to the principle of equal opportunity in employment and fully recognise the business benefits of a diverse workforce. Our employment policies are designed to be fair, equitable and consistent for all employees.


Krispy Kreme is an indulgent brand and not a daily treat. We believe in a sensible approach to living well, through a balance of energy in and out.  We encourage our customers to share our irresistibly original doughnuts and spread the joy even further!

We take huge pride in our local approach to making every doughnut ourselves, they are made fresh daily, which ensures they are exceptionally fresh, and each doughnut in our decorated range is expertly hand-crafted, hand-finished and hand-checked for quality.