Please refer to our nutritional matrix for all doughnut allergen information including which doughnuts contain nuts.​​

Adults need around 2000kcal a day​.

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  1. Trifle Trifle


    A strawberry and custard filled doughnut, topped with chocolate curls and green sprinkles.

    309 kcal



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  2. We Were On A Coffee Break We Were On A Coffee Break

    We Were On A Coffee Break

    Topped with caffè latte flavour icing, chocolate swirl, frosting and a white choc topper.

    337 kcal



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  3. How You Doin'? How You Doin'?

    How You Doin'?

    Our classic ring doughnut dipped in purple icing with mango & passionfruit flavour frosting.

    305 kcal



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    Original Glazed doughnut finished with chocolatey icing, sprinkles, and white chocolate.

    260 kcal



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  5. Biscoff Biscoff


    The unique caramelised taste of Biscoff®, pure indulgence.

    392 kcal


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  6. Salted Caramel Salted Caramel

    Salted Caramel

    Salted caramel filling with caramel icing & honeycomb crunch.


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  7. Latte Latte


    Our signature roast espresso topped with steamed textured milk. An amazing latte, if we do say so ourselves! Try with a Caramel Iced ring!

    Our fave!

  8. Tea Tea


    We have a wide selection of tea available in our stores, including herbal teas.  Nutritional and allergy information below refers to tea with milk.

  9. Flat White Flat White

    Flat White

    The Krispy Kreme flat white is a rich coffee drink consisting of espresso with foamed milk, similar to our latte, but with a higher proportion of coffee to milk. Perfect to kick start your morning!

  10. Mocha Mocha


    Our Signature Roast espresso prepared with chocolate powder and steamed textured milk.

    Pair with a Nutty Chocolatta!



    The Krispy Kreme Espresso is a a rich and creamy coffee that goes great with doughnuts, especially the Original Glazed.