Krispy Kreme Jaffa Nut Doughnuts

It's not a cake! It's not a doughnut

it's a jaffanut!

Our Jaffanut combines the best of Krispy Kreme and Jaffa Cakes, with its signature soft dough filled with McVitie’s zesty orange flavoured filling and moulded into a Jaffa Cake-shaped doughnut. Topped with dark chocolatey icing this is our new not-to-be missed doughnut.

Find our new limited edition doughnut in stores, in supermarkets or online for click and collect from Monday 5th September. But hurry, our Jaffanut is only around until Sunday, 9th October.

Krispy Kreme choose your own Jaffa Cake dozen

Choose your own dozen

Add the new Jaffanut doughnut to your Choose your own dozen online to click and collect at your nearest Krispy Kreme shop. Add in the iconic Original Glazed, Lotus Biscoff and Strawberries and Kreme to make your own personalised doughnut dozen.  


Limited edition jaffanut doughnut


Filled with zesty orange McVitie’s Jaffa Cake flavour filling, topped with dark chocolatey icing. The perfect doughnut for any Jaffanatic! 

become a "taste master"

To celebrate the launch, Krispy Kreme is offering fans the opportunity to become a ‘Taste Master’ in partnership with McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, for one day only.

The money can’t buy experience will include taking over Krispy Kreme’s social channels, taking the zingy creation to the public to tantalise their tastebuds and get their thoughts on the Jaffanut!

That’s not all as the ‘Taste Master’ will also be offered unforgettable behind the scenes doughnut-making experiences, a rare glimpse into new product development and the big task of tasting Jaffanut doughnuts for the most delicious quality control task - not to mention benefits including a £500 reward and year’s supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Jaffanatics and Krispy Kreme fans can apply for the role through TikTok by sharing content that shows how and why they are the biggest Jaffanatic and Krispy Kreme fan in the UK. The fan whose post has the most engagement will earn the chance to become the Jaffanut ‘Taste Master’ this September.

Posts must tag @KrispyKremeUKI and @JaffaCakes plus #KrispyKremeJaffaCake.


Is the Jaffanut vegetarian?

Yes, the Krispy Kreme Jaffanut is 100% vegetarian.

Where can I find the Krispy Kreme Jaffanut?

Jaffanuts can be found online to order for click and collect at your nearest Krispy Kreme shop, in a Krispy Kreme store or in a Krispy Kreme cabinet near you.

Is Jaffanut a cake?

No, it is a Krispy Kreme doughnut filled with zesty orange McVitie’s Jaffa Cake flavour filling, topped with dark chocolatey icing.

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