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Our beautiful, natural world gives us our sugar, cocoa, eggs, milk, coffee, and so much more. Protecting and preserving it is vitally important to us.

So, we’re constantly working to reduce our environmental impact and become more sustainable in all we do.


Here's how we're watching our waste.


The amount of food wasted each year globally.


How often we make our irresistible doughnuts– we try our best with demand planning to get it right but we do end up with some waste.


The amount of food waste we divert from landfill. Our waste doughnuts get converted to animal feed, in partnership with Sheilds Livestock.


The number of Krispy Kreme stores partnered with Too Good To Go – making sure doughnuts left in the last hour before closing go to people who can enjoy them.


The amount of waste from our manufacturing sites diverted from landfill and managed sustainably, in partnership with Panda.


Our target for food waste reduction in our retail shops in 2023.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle, here’s how we are cutting down on that pesky p-word across the UK & Ireland.

83 Tonnes

The amount of plastic we’ve cut from our business since 2019.


What our straws and cups have been made of since 2020 and our carrier bags since 2024. (Plastic sucks.)

The Plastic Window

What we removed from our single-doughnut bags in October 2019 removing 5 tonnes of plastic and from all our choose-your-own box packaging in September 2022 .


The amount of plastic in our cups, which have a water-based lining and are fully recyclable at home, as of July 2022.


When we are aiming to have minimum 80% recyclable packaging.

Responsible Sourcing

Here’s how we get our hands on the best ingredients, in the fairest way.

100% Free Range

The eggs we use in our doughnut mix in the UK and Ireland have been free-range since 2019.

Rainforest Alliance

Our coffee, which is ethically sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Our expert roaster guides us on where to get the best-quality beans – which is often straight from farms.


Our milk, which comes directly from British and Irish farms.

Palm Oil

100% of the palm oil used in Krispy Kreme UK & Ireland supports the production of sustainable palm oil and deforestation-free supply chain.

Energy & Emissions

Here’s how we’re delivering energy savings, while delivering doughnuts


The amount of renewable electricity we use across the UK & Ireland.


The energy savings we achieved after trialling voltage optimisation in one of our manufacturing hubs. We’re bringing it to all our other hubs in 2023.


The energy savings we achieved across all our manufacturing hubs in 2021 – an amount we’re hoping to double in 2022.

Our Carbon Footprint

As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon footprint we are proud to share that Sustainable Advantage has certified Krispy Kreme UK & Ireland as carbon neutral across our UK & Ireland operations since 2022. We are also working on our roadmap to net zero and want to ensure we have the right plans in place before we set a target. Click here to find out more.


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